The Food Menu, trained by a foreign chef,<br /> includes ribs, pastas, burgers, mussels, etc.

The Food Menu, trained by a foreign chef,
includes ribs, pastas, burgers, mussels, etc.



* Seasonal Soup
* Honey and Ginger Chicken Wings
* Fresh Belgian Fries
* Onion Rings
* Nachos – Big (Served with Cheddar sauce , black olive, and salsa)
* Beef Meat Balls + Safran sauce
* Potato Croquettes with fresh herbs and cream sauce
* Crunchy Chicken Fingres + sweet and spicy sauce
* Cheese Croquettes
* French Rillettes
* Calamari (slowly baked pork in white wine & herbs) + toasted bread and pickles
From The Garden

From The Garden

* Veggie Basket : cucumber , carrots, celery, calliflower, cherry tomatoes, leek, ranch dressing
* Caesar Salad : lettuce, onions , cucmbers, apples, tomatoes , bread crumbs, quail eggs
* The Beer Nest Salad : Bacon, ham, emmental cheese, crouton, Chimay Red Dressing

From The Grill / Oven

From The Grill / Oven

Burger And Ribes are served with a choice of either salad or fries
* French Ham & Cheese Sandwich: ciabata bread, French ham, butter, emmental cheese, crudities
* Croque Monsieur: Toasted bread, ham, melted cheese
* Croque Madame: Croque Monsieur + Sunny side up egg
* Thai Beef Curry, served with Thai Rice
* Spaguetti Bolognese
* Spaguetti Carbonara
* Vegetarian Pasta
* The Beer Nest Burger
* Pulled Pork Burger
* Sichuan Burger
Add your Touch: egg, caramelized onions, cheese, mushroom, bacon
* Honey Glazed Spicy Pork Short Ribs
* Brown Belgian Ale Beef Stew (Stoofviees)


* Pizza Margherita : Tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil
* Pizza Meat Feast: Ham, bacon, minced beef, cheese
* Pizza Pepperoni: Tomato sauce, mpzzarella, salami


* Mini hanburger (“Mum, cam i have one?”)
* Cheezy meat balls


* Waffles served wiath a choice of: au naturel, whipped cream , chocolate sauce or fruit jam. Yummie.
* Dessert. Ask your server for today’s special